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You only need to pay for the device, not the usage, since 1,800 minutes of web access for a full year on Vodafone’s UK wireless network is included in the cost of the device. The UbiSurfer also includes WiFi connectivity for unlimited internet within hot-spot range. In addition to WiFi and LAN connectivity, the embedded cellular modem, empowers th e UbiSurfer to get you on the Internet easily, wherever you have mobile phone signal, thus making the Internet truly ubiquitous. Both 2.5G & 3G Models are available.

The UbiSurfer devices support a 800×480 pixel, wide bright TFT screen display for delivering graphics and rich web page functionality. The netbooks have a full QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad mouse pointer, gives you complete control, allowing you to do more, but carry less. The tablets offer Vibrant multi-touch capacitive screens. Not only are the UbiSurfer ultra portable, but with page-load times of under 7 seconds, you’ll be flying around the web. Furthermore, there is no contract, no monthly fees and no activation charge, which means the mobile Internet is truly FREE! Just take the UbiSurfer out of its box and with the press of button, you’re on the net!

Unlike most other tablets & netbooks on the market, connecting to the Internet on the UbiSurfer is not limited to just WiFi hotspots or just where you have 3G coverage. In fact, wherever you can receive mobile phone signal in the UK or abroad*, the UbiSurfer can connect to the Internet! There is no need to buy a costly USB dongle to ensure connection either, the UbiSurfer has everything you need to access the real web at lightening speeds all built in.

The UbiSurfer devices also have an array of useful applications including a calendar, media player, Full Office Suite (word processor, spreadsheet and presentation), PDF Viewer, Ebook reader, Email Client, Paint and Games. All the Office applications are compatible with Microsoft, so doing work on the move is just as easy as doing work at your desk.

For true mobility, nothing beats the UbiSurfer.

*Access outside of the UK costs 5p per minute for most of Europe and the U.S, or 25p per minute in other countries..