How To Apply For Free Tablet From Government? Easy Steps To Follow

Do you want to have a free tablet but don’t have money to afford it? Well, Being online is the need of the hour, with the growing digitization in the world. There’s no doubt that technology has made lives easier as you can get anything delivered to your doorstep, transfer money from your level of comfort, get entertained, make money, and many more things. Hence, the government has initiated schemes to uplift the poor strata and give them the digital independence.

If you also want to be part of that scheme, then scroll down, as we have got you covered here. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the detailed procedure and requirements through which you can perform Assurance Wireless tablet applications with its dedicated alternatives. Let’s check about the scheme “Free Government Tablet Assurance Wireless” 

What is Free Government Tablet Assurance Wireless? 

free government tablet assurance wireless

The government of America has started a program that fulfills the needs of the backward class. As the world digitizes, the government also feels the gap that only technology can fill. Hence, they have initiated a program called the Affordable Connectivity Program. In this particular program, they are providing free electronic devices to people of poor or inefficient families. 

With this program, low-income families have found a way to balance their lives and walk with all the other people of the nation. Well, under this program, you can get a free tablet through Assurance Wireless, but the program is not only confined to the tablet. You can also avail of iPads from government schemes, laptops, etc. On top of that, you can also go for free talk time and internet recharge.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Tablet Assurance Wireless

People who outpass the eligibility criteria can only get the Assurance Wireless free tablet. Otherwise, one can’t have the Assurance Wireless Tablet 10 for free. Hence, here are some precise eligibility criteria that one is required to fulfill. 

  • You must fall under the federal poverty line. Your Overall income should be below 135% or less than the given eligibility of the poverty line.
  • Applicant must be a citizen of the US.
  • Applicant must be advantaged with the below-written programs:
    • National School Lunch Free Program (NSLP)
    • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    • Section 8/Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • SNAP (EBT food stamps)
  • If you are not enrolled in the national schemes, you must be a part of any local government scheme.

Required Documents For Free Government Tablet Assurance Wireless

Here is an extensive list through which you can make the Assurance Wireless tablet application process. You must arrange all the below-written documents first and then go for the application process. Let’s check what you have:

  • Proof of identity
  • Resident’s proof
  • Address Proof
  • Income proof
  • Documents of government enrolled program

How to Apply For a Free Tablet From Government Assurance Wireless? 

How to Apply For Free Tablet From Government Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless tablet application process is simple and straightforward. One can easily perform this from the level of their comfort. Here is the step-wise process that one needs to follow. Moreover, if you want to apply for the free tablet, make sure you fulfill all the eligibilities. Let’s check the simple steps:

Step 1: Check Eligibility 

Open the official site of the free government tablet Assurance Wireless and check whether the offer distributor is available in your area. Moreover, you can enter your zip code and check the service availability. You are also required to check whether you are able to bypass the eligibility criteria. 

Step 2: Apply For The Program

Now, locate the option for “Apply” and click it. Now, you will get a form opened on your screen. Enter your Zip code and look at the dedicated procedure of the Assurance Wireless tablet application in your locality. 

Step 3: Enter Details

After getting done with the above steps, you are required to enter your details and fill in the form that has opened. Make sure you fill in all the details and submit all the required documentation proof; after that, submit the filled-up form.

Step 4: Wait For Validation

After you submit the form, you are required to wait for a few days. This duration is for the validation process. The government is checking your documents and your eligibility to approve your request. This process generally takes 7 to 10 working days. 

Step 5 Receive Your Tablet

After submitting your request and getting approved, you will receive your phone on your doorstep. If you don’t receive it, then you can visit the nearest store and enquire about the trouble you are facing.

Why You Should Apply For Assurance Wireless Tablet? 

Why You Should Get Assurance Wireless Tablet? 

The government has made a scheme for low-income families. If you are not able to give yourself the basic luxury of life, then you must get help from the government. Well, the government has specifically crafted the scheme to uplift the status of the poor class in the country.

Developing every section of society is essential to be a developed country. As we all know, the US is a developed country; hence, having a section with a technical gap is such a boon. Moreover, free technical assistance and monthly recharge are also given. Being forward in tech is really important in the world to crack better career opportunities. 

Alternative Options For Assurance Wireless Free Tablet

Alternative Options For Assurance Wireless Free Tablet

If you cannot get a  tablet Assurance Wireless, then you muts not worry. We are always to get you covered and bring you a solution. Here, we list several alternatives you can use to get your free tablet from the government. 

1. EveryoneOn 


EveryOne is a nonprofit organization that believes in technology hence providing monetary assistance to them for purchasing tech gadgets. This way, EveryOneOn helps low-income strata to uplift their status and help them to get the minimum luxury of tech. This NGO was founded in 2012. Since that time, they have been working for the welfare of society. 

2. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is another welfare organization that has helped thousands of people by combining them with technology. Well, this welfare organization is not confined to providing tech gadgets but also provides free clothes, food, and sanitary essentials. Well, it is the most famous organization that works for the underprivileged section.

3. The On It Foundation 

The On It Foundation 
The On It Foundation

The On It Foundation is a foundation that also works for tech welfare. They provide free laptops, phones, and tablets under a government scheme. Their aim is to uplift the poor economic status of American society. They mainly work to provide free tech gadgets to school and college-going students. They provide all the tech assistance and free monthly telecom recharge to them.

4. Freecycle 

Another option for Assurance Wireless free tablets on our list is Freecycle. It is another non-profit organization that helps the low-income class of society to let them grow technically. Well, it is an online platform on which one can buy and sell their phones. Moreover, the prices are low according to the market on the platform, and it also does not charge a platform fee.

5. Giveaways 

Another most used way to get phones, tablets, and laptops is the giveaway that many celebrities and companies do to engage audiences. You can get the chance to win free laptops, mobiles, and tablets by completing the tasks. However, you must be cautious while participating in any giveaway, as these days, there are so many scams around. Additionally, if you’re considering government-sponsored tablets, don’t miss our detailed guide on the advantages of Sky Devices government tablets. 

Assurance Wireless Free Phone And Tablet Upgrade Service

If your old phone or tablet is not working properly and creating a fuss, the upgrade service can help you. Under the exchange scheme, one can exchange their old device with the new one available device. However, the only con for this service is that the exchange facility will depend on the availability of another upgraded device. If the distributor doesn’t have a relevant upgraded model, you won’t get the advantage of the service. Moreover, it comes with specific eligibility criteria: if your mobile is not working, only you can exchange it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Assurance Wireless Provide a laptop?

Yes, Assurance Wireless offers free laptops as well, but it depends on various factors and your location too. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria for a free laptop, then you can get one, but you must check whether they provide their service in your location.

Q2. What are the major benefits of Assurance Wireless?

The biggest benefit of getting a phone through the government without paying for it. Moreover, you can also have the benefit of free monthly recharges and talk time offers.  

Q3. Which free smartphone does Assurance Wireless give you?

The free smartphone Assurance Wireless gives you is based on your location and various other factors. Hence, you must check with the distributor, as the availability of the devices also matters.


Applying for Assurance Wireless free phone and tablet under government initiative is straightforward. Well, the above guide has helped you in various ways. It has dedicated steps through which you can get done with an Assurance Wireless tablet application. Moreover, it is a scheme for a low-income family to help them uplift their status. Hope you have got the idea of a free government tablet Assurance Wireless.

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